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These Shapeshifting Metals Could Be the Future of Flight
Wired - December 2017

They're lighter (and weirder) than conventional metals, and they could help airlines save on gas—and go supersonic.

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Rippling Graphene Sheets May Be the Key to Clean, Unlimited Energy
Futurism - December 2017

"Physicists at the University of Arkansas have invented a nano-scale power generator that could potentially use the movement of graphene to produce clean, unlimited energy. Called a Vibration Energy Harvester, this development provides evidence for the theory that two-dimensional materials could be a source of usable energy."

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Perovskites Challenge Quantum Dots as Champion Emitters of Light
IEEE Spectrum - November 2017

"An international research team from the University of Maryland and ETH Zurich in Switzerland has successfully demonstrated that a nanocrystal of perovskite can serve as a quantum emitter of light, and, when coupled with a nanophotonic cavity, can dramatically improve the efficiency of the light emission."

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High-Refractive-Index Material Retains High Transmissivity After Annealing at 850 Degrees C
Phys.org - November 2017

"Toyohashi University of Technology researchers in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have developed a new material capable of retaining high transmissivity after thermal treatment at 850°C and successfully applied the material to optical devices. The researchers alternately laminated film of this high-refractive-index material and film of a low-refractive-index material to form a dielectric mirror and then used the mirror for magneto-optical device production, which requires thermal treatment at high temperatures."

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